Tuesday, September 08, 2015

The need to learn R programming

This post highlights the importance of R programming Language. You also learn where to download it from and install on your workstation or laptop. The installation described here is for a Windows 7 (x64) Toshiba Laptop.

It is a language well suited to data analysis and visualization. It is strongly recommended for statistical computing as it is the world's most popular statistical programming language. Since SQL Server 2016 will be integrating with this language we will be seeing a great deal of development in the upcoming SQL Server and of course in PowerBI for analytical data visualization and predictive analytics. Read this white paper from RevolutionAnalytics.

Microsoft bought RevolutionAnalytics in the beginning of this year details of which you can read here. It will be integrated with the up and coming SQL Server 2016.

How and from where you download R language program?

While it is available for Unix/Linux, it is also available for Windows (both x32bit and x64bit). You can download the latest version here (R-3.2.2-win.exe) . The version you will be downloading is R 3.2.2 for Windows (32/64) 62MB. A small file for the complicated things it does.

Here are some download/install screen shots for those who like:

If you are installing for the first time choose that option after you access the download link above.

The set up for R on Windows needs to be selected:


Complete the Installation wizard screens and you are done.

You can invoke it from the desktop shortcut as shown here and the R-GUI will be displayed as shown:


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