Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Searching PowerShell scripts with Script Browser - A good productivity tool

If you install Script Browser from here, searching for PowerShell scripts, several thousands of them from TechNet Script Center becomes a lot easier. You do not have to Google or Bing. What is more it opens up within the scripting environment. You can mark the script you want as favorite and download them. All though Windows 10 is not in the supported OS list, it still works.

Bundled with it you can also try the pilot version of Script Analyzer

Version Details:


If you install and still do not find it in the ISE do the following:

1. Start Windows PowerShell with the "Run as administrator" option.
2. Run this command:
Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
You can refer to about_Execution_Policies

When installed you should be able to see the Script Browser in your Windows PowerShell ISE as shown:

You search TechNet resources as shown here (search key NuGet and language PowerShell):

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