Monday, September 14, 2015

Office Online Server (OOS) is rolled out

Office Web Apps are scaled down versions of  Excel, PowerPoint, Word and OneNote,. They are  Browser based.
Office Web Apps was free for consumers that Microsoft rebranded Office Web Apps free for consumers as Office Online apps.

Recetnly Microsoft rolled out Preview of Office Online Server which supports running Office Web Apps through the Organizations servers on the premises instead of a cloud service  such as Microsoft Azure. This supersedes the presently used Microsoft on premises product called Office Web Apps Server 2013. Now you have a new acronym to deal with, Office Online Server (OOS).
OOS will also work with (SharePoint Server 2016 (also backward compatible with SharePoint Server 2013) and Exchange Server 2016.
According to Microsoft OOS brings with it the following improvements
  • Improved co-authoring support
  • Significant additions to authoring features
  • Heavy investments in performance and stability
You can download the OOS (.ISO) Preview here:

This preview works with a line of Microsoft products such as Sharepoint Server 2016, Skype for Business and Exchange Server 2016. Of course there is OOS farm to address multiple hosts and scaling out.

While you are checking out OOS Preview you sould also download SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview Management Pack here.


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