Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Get this Visual Studio Developer tool for Universal Windows Apps

 You can create both Universal Windows Apps as well as Classic Windows Applications with this free tool.

This download includes:
  • Universal App templates
  • Code editor
  • Powerful debugger
  • Windows Mobile Emulators
  • Extensive language support
It is production ready with Windows Standalone SDK and emulators.

If you upgraded from Windows 8.1 and you already had Visual Studio 2015 Community
edition, it will be upgraded. I already had VS2015C from my old OS and I need to close and retry.


Click Retry. This brings up the next screen.


You need another 5 GB for adding this. Choose all and click Next. These features in the next image will be added and one program removed.


Click Update. You may have to accept User Control Access permissions windows message before you get the next screen.


It took more than 3 hours to download, install and cleanup, but it was successful.

 Your download link is here for this tool.

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