Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Get Office 2016 now! Which one?

Office has been evolving for quite a long time and perhaps it has reached a state of perfection after the debut of Windows 10. Office 2016 brings the best of Office products with the best of Microsoft Windows operating systems.
This email alert prodded me to look up what is new in this offering.


I have been subscribing to Office 365 from the beginning of this year but I am not using it as much, except for some real simple stuff. I am the only one using it for now. Also the feature I wanted to use in Excel was not supported in the Office 365 Business ($10/month) which somehow I did not notice it.   I have been writing about Microsoft Products for good many years but missed some information about this feature. The feature is only available in the Enterprise edition. I must cancel my subscription asap.

There are a number of Office products and, you have to be real careful what you are asking and getting. Actually I am not the only one confused (https://mcpmag.com/articles/2015/10/05/office-2016-confusion.aspx).In the next couple of images, I have tried to line them up. You can see the number of products is quite large and if you consider the features you are looking for, the search would require a stout heart.

Microsoft Office 365 caters to a variety of customers as shown.


Enterprise Productivity Tools:
Empower your mobile workforce
Innovate with connected collaboration
Trusted cloud for productivity
Maximize sales productivity

Looks like there is one more item missing in this list!


Office 365 Education is a collection of services that allows you to collaborate and share your schoolwork. It’s available for free to students who are currently attending an academic institution. Office 365 Education includes Office Online (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote), 1TB of OneDrive storage, Yammer, and SharePoint sites. Some schools allow students to install the full Office applications on up to 5 PCs or Macs for free. If your school provides this additional benefit, you'll see the Install Office button on your Office 365 home page after you complete sign-up.


The best choice for government organizations with advanced IT requirements that want the flexibility to move to the cloud at their own pace


Try Office 365 for free and see how it can help your organization. Qualified nonprofits can receive Office 365 Nonprofit E1 or Office 365 Nonprofit Business Essentials as a donation or they can upgrade to the advanced features in Office 365 Nonprofit E3 or Office 365 Nonprofit Business Premium at a significant discount.

There are also two more 'Office xxxxx'
  • Office Home products

Office 2016_02.png

  • Office for IT
I suppose this is for IT professionals in companies to make a case for rolling out Office 2016.
Office 2016_10.png

I wanted this to be brief and already it is too long but if want to dig in more go here:
Note: Some of the descriptions in this article have come directly from the above site. I have only arranged them as i tried to understand.
Now, What are you going to subscribe to?

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