Wednesday, July 08, 2015


SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) always accompanied the installation of SQL Server. Now that is history. SSMS can now be independently installed starting with SSMS June 2015 Preview.
You can download it from here (

I have been working with various versions of SSMS for quite a long time. SSMS provided the best learning experience for SQL Server. In fact most of my learning was on SSMS. However, at times there were problems as well, especially with multiple versions of SQL Servers including the preview editions with expiry dates. The client (SSMS) used to be linked to the expiry dates and the other installed versions could not be accessed as the client always complained that the Server was out of date. It required repairing the shared components that always did not work correctly either due to the unavailability of the installation media or some other reason. This de-linking of SSMS from SQL Server probably would solve the problem.

Installing with Web Installer makes it lot more easier and attractive.

These are the new enhancements for SSMS(from BOL):
  •     New SSMS Installer - SSMS can now be installed with a light weight stand-alone web installer.
  • SSMS Updates - Receive notification within SSMS when new updates are available, and choose to install them at your convenience.
  • Enhanced SSMS support for Azure SQL Database – Several fixes and enhancements, including expanded SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) coverage, and an updated Import/Export wizard.
It is time for you to switch as well.
Notes on Installing:

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