Sunday, July 05, 2015

PHP developers Check Out Z-ray on Windows Azure

Recently in April of 2015 Zend partnered with Microsoft  to add Zend's Z-Ray app performance tool to  integrate with Microsoft's Azure App service.

With Z-Ray for Azure developers will get productivity enhancements. These enhancements allow developers the ability to see how their applications are doing in real-time. This availability has been extended not only to PHP but also other applications such as WordPress, Drupal, etc.


This extended capability is of significant interest to Microsoft which has a whole range of third party programs/frameworks in the Azure App Service.

PHP on Windows Azure is accessed in the Azure Portal at
After logging in create a New Service (click +New button at the bottom) and then follow the bread crumb:
While in Gallery scroll down to the PHP related apps as shown.


PHP in the Preview Portal is accessed here:

After Logging in click +NEW at the top left.

In the Create window click on MarketPlace at the bottom to open the following:


The highlights of the PHP 5.6 Zend server (where the Z-ray is integrated) are:
  • Deploy and scale your PHP apps easily. Apps get deployed to production faster and can scale better (up or down) to meet changing demand.
  • Develop highly performing apps. Z-Ray gives unprecedented, in-context visibility inside apps, by showing in real-time exactly what happens to construct each page presented in your development browser.
  • Get business hour phone support and 3-month data retention with Zend Server Professional.
  • Leverage greater production support SLA, unlimited data retention, and other enterprise-level features with the Enterprise Edition.
Presently this is in preview and therefore free for the time being.

When you click on the Zend Server icon you will be creating a VM for the Zend Server as shown:


This is where you take it and run.

In the Preview Portal you can also create PHP app when you create a new Web+Mobile from the MarketPlace.


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