Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hey! IFTTT now has Office 365 Channels

I posted recently regarding IFTTT. I did consider looking at Azure APP and IFTTT as a pair.  I created a few IFTTT items that worked well;  like as soon as I post to the blogger, a tweet is generated. That's good service, don't you think?

Did you see the big list of channels I posted?

You might have noticed the absence of Office 365 or Azure or anything of Microsoft. Now Microsoft's Office 365 has joined the IFTTT channels. Review this link here: It has a number of recipes and you can find anbout all of them here:

Here are the Microsoft related channels on IFTTT.


I would like to see MSFT's Health and Fitness app in the Fitness and Wearables category of channels.

A few more hookups to Mass Commerce sites

Microsoft should go all the way and link up with IFTTT in more ways like offering the DO buttons from the Microsoft Store. I have schematically shown what I have in my mind:

I insist, I don't work for MSFT.
I think if they change their slogan from "Mobile First, Cloud First" to "Investor First, Cloud First and Mobile First", then only you will see Apple and Google will take notice.
Summing up: This is a good thing. I tried to include OneDrive channel in my recipe to day and it could not find OneDrive. Perhaps they are still working on it.


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