Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Microsoft may buy SalesForce

The trading of SalesForce halted briefly () this morning to get this news time to get digested.

My most read post on sys-con.com (http://cloudcomputing.sys-con.com/node/1204167) was at the beginning when Microsoft challenged SalesForce. That was in the beginning of 2010. Microsoft was just beginning to feel around in the cloud. Much water has flowed.

Microsoft has grown leaps and bounds and at its recent Ignite event it is pushing out an unbelievable amount of stuff from its pipeline. With Windows 10 to debut in the near future it appears to be flexing its muscles.

Although both Amazon and Microsoft have made a lot of money from their cloud assets Amazon is perhaps still the nimble one, notwithstanding price wars. Microsoft has challenged the early starter Amazon.com (http://cloudcomputing.sys-con.com/node/3284432)in the Cloud arena, an arena that will expand enormously especially with the IOT taking off.

What better buy than SalesForce to make it the Cloud leader?

Hodentek believes that Microsoft will make a bid for SalesForce in the near future. Hodentek owns a miniscule number of Microsoft stocks.

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