Tuesday, May 05, 2015

IOT best practices discussed at the recent Build Conference

This post is written after listening to the video presentation of the talk. This post will be continued.

Best Practices for Creating IoT Solutions with Azure talk delivered by Kevin Miller at the recent build conference covered the Microsoft strategy of dealing with 'IOT' and coming up with some patterns and practices.

The components of IOT, from devices to presentation are as shown in this slide. The whole path from devices to presentation and action is chalked out. In addition to excellent storage for both traditional and non-traditional data there is also a strong backing of Analytics. The demo later in the talk describes it in some detail.

The pattern and practices is the time honored way to move ahead in a rational manner. The idea is not to start something big, but start small and build up. The reason is of course, to make sure the application works with fewer devices connected and then think about scaling it. Of course most of this is common sense. It is not just connectivity but a whole lot of issues like management/security are involved and therefore it is prudent not to start off big and start reducing.

Since the IOT covers such numerically large and varied devices; and services, one has to really think about the requirements in the very beginning. Since it is difficult to implement security after the application is built, it is important to include security requirements in the very beginning. These security requirements may span the whole range from devices to presentation at every level. The added complexity that one may encounter with devices is that all devices do not have the same level of security features as those features may depend on the complexity of the device and the device manufacturers approach to security. It is also possible that every device on the 'IOT' do not need the same level or kind of security feature. There is a lot that is business end-use related. In some cases security take a back bench while for others it is the most crucial element.
What was not covered was about the automaton objects that industries already has, is there going to be some kind of retro-fitting needed to make them 'IOT Compliant'?
--to be continued

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