Thursday, May 14, 2015

Autodesk's Spark Platform gets integrated with Microsoft's Windows 10

3D printing of objects and body parts is out of SYFY realm and a solid reality. There are many, many players worldwide.
Autodesk is a computer graphics program vendor and Autodesk came out with the SPARK Platform for 3D printing.

Read this 2014 post:

With Autodesk's Fusion 3D you can design, engineer and fabricate parts all in a single tool. As it is cloud-based it is location agnostic. You can download this free trial here:

Today Microsoft announced that it will be incorporating the Spark platform into Windows 10 which enables businesses as well as individuals to accelerate their digital and physical 3D object creation.

This is what Microsoft envisions of this collaboration/integration:

""We’re approaching a tipping point with 3D printing, which means there is a huge market opportunity waiting for companies developing applications for Windows 10. By providing the 3D printing building blocks found in the Spark platform and optimizing it for Windows 10, Autodesk has empowered our global developer community to confidently enter this new world of additive manufacturing.” -

Here is a pictorial description of this platform:


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