Saturday, March 07, 2015

Problems you may encounter installing Visual Studio 2015 CTP6 - Part 2

In Part 1 here,  the problems encountered were described.

There was yet another option, to skip the files the program could find neither on the file system nor on the Internet.

The installation was continued choosing this option. The program stopped couple of times (hiccoughing) and finally the installation was completed. Although there were warning as it was suspected some functionality was lost, especially related to Windows Phone.

The following files were not found :
In addition to the one in Part 1.
Here is the final installation screen and you notice that a number of files could not be found.
Here is a list of files not found prepared from the above:
Windows Phone SDK 8.0
Windows Phone 8.1 Tools for Visual Studio 2015 CTP
Windows Phone 8.1 Tools for Visual Studio 2015 CTP -ENU
Windows Phone 8.1 Tools for Visual Studio Professional 2013-Language Resources 
[Note that the Windows Phone SDK 8.0 can be downloaded from here:] but as to the others information is lacking]
As suspected in the beginning the Windows Phone 8.1 functionality is perhaps absent.
The programs installed by this installation is quite large as can be see here even without the contributions from the missing files:

With this sorted out the application can be launched as shown. Here is the first screen where you can choose the theme.:

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