Friday, December 26, 2014

@travel: IoT to get academic status in India

IoT is soon to be added to the list of subjects for engineering and doctoral degree programs in India.
Some of India's IoT related statistics that appeared in the Indian news paper-The Times of India, Dec 26, 2014 are as follows:
  • By 2020 the size of the IoT related industry $15 billion
  • By 2020 some 2.7 billion devices will be interconnected
  • Global revenue from IoT according to Gartner is around $300 billion out of which India's share around 5 to 6%.
DeitY, the department of electronics and information technology has brought out a draft policcy for IoT and the recommendations are for,
  • 6 week certificate course
  • 2 week training course.
  • A young faculty chair at the five IITs
With a targeted funding of 638 million a year to address:
  • smart parking
  • inteliigent trsnport systems
  • tele-care
  • women safety
plus waste management; management of agricultural resources and disaster management.

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