Monday, December 08, 2014

FireEye as a Service: The indispensable 24x7 protection

Spying has shifted emphasis from on the ground to online. Security breach in one form or another has become all too common. The adversaries are better equipped (reminds bme of smugglers having faster boats than law enforcement), nimble and persistent, not only in pursuing their activities to get in, but also leave behind codes that live and thrive to cause further damage. Also as organizations grow adding on many more constituent parts, the overall vulnerability gets to the level of the weakest link making the organizations much more vulnerable.

In this some what dismal situation, the protection that you get should not only alert you to the threat and indicate where it is originating from, it should also provide means to mitigate at the earliest. This is a 365, 24x7 task that needs multifaceted and coordinated protection.

FireEye as a service seems to offer just that. It will help you in not getting victimized by attacks. The FireEye's patented virtual machine based technology detects and prevents most major intrusion attempts. The client's environment is monitored round the clock using techniques in the knowledge base and should an intrusion occur clients will be sent complete relevant details of the attack needed for effective response. Depending on the severity, FireEye offers quarantine solutions and FireEye's incident responders help to resolve the threat issue and assess the impact.

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The following image from their data sheet provides their 24x7 service:

There was this interesting image which looked like an animation on the same site that I would like to share. I am told that it is not  'fun' animation but small slice of real data. If this is so it looks like countries attacking each other is quite common and no country is on moral high ground.


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