Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Searching Elbert JJon who has infringed on my rights

My previous posts on copy write violation of my site by the said gentleman may be found here and here.
However, I have neither been able to locate Elbert JJon nor find anything more about him. I certainly have not given any permission to use the content. I will be taking all possible actions against him unless he removes the content. Here is his profile on Google+.

After searching for Elbert JJon on the Web,  I found this site where Elbert JJon has written his posts for the following URL. I am not sure he has JP Morgan Chase Investors' permission to author.

It is for the site owners to check and verify if there has been an infringement before proceeding further.

Here is a screenshot of the above site:

He has also authored on the following sites/blogs:

I am not sure these are the only ones.
Since they are all on Blogspot, I do hope Blogger will help in closing these accounts.

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