Thursday, October 30, 2014

Microsoft Band is released

Microsoft Band is released today ending the speculation about a wearable device.

It has aced the other vendors with many notable features:
  • Longer battery life
  • Integration with Windows Phone, iPhone and Android through Bluetooth
  • Health and Fitness targeted
  • Integrated with Cloud
  • Reasonable price - a first for Microsoft
  • Cortana for those who own a Windows Phone
  • Probably more number of sensors than in a comparable wearable
The following are my speculations
  • Integration with Internet of Things (?)
  • CortanaOS and CortanaAndroid siblings in the offing
Probably I will be wearing one soon.
I tried out the MSN/Bing Health and Fitness app and the part I can use with Nokia Icon is cool. Some newer Windows Phones have the Motion Data support and they can measure the full app.

However to go with the Band Microsoft has released a new app which you can download from the Windows Store, Microsoft Health which has the same logo as the device.

Of course you need to have the band to use this app as you see here:

Do not miss this video on my other blog:


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