Monday, October 20, 2014

Microsoft to launch cross-platform SmartWatch in the near future

Within the next few week you will be seeing Microsoft Smartwatch in the Microsoft stores.
Two very important features that distinuguishes Microsoft SmartWatch from the others (Samsung Galaxy Gear, Moto360,etc) are,

Twice the battery life

Being cross-platform it can sync with iOS and Android phones which is a big feature as the phones with other OSs have a larger market share and limiting to Windows Phone OS (<2.5% market share)will not be business-wise. Presently it may be Windows 8 based but i the future it will be probably Windows 10, the made-for OS across all device foot prints.

It also monitors wearer's heart rate passively in additions to other sensors. With its 'cloud-first, mobile-first' mantra this can integrate the wearers health information on the cloud and benefit health care. This health thing will have enterprise-wide significence as yet another benefit for enterprises to adopt Azure cloud.

More story here:
Some interesting additional info follow this link:

Name of device: ??
Price                 : ???

Microsoft seems to have another wrist based device for health monitoring apart from the wristwatch as well as provide a hook for IoT. This may be the device discussed in an earlier post. These rumored stories may get cleared in the next few weeks with the debut of the Smart watch.

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