Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Updating the Windows* Phone 8.1 Update

In my previous post here I ranted on the Nokia Lumia Icon I bought from Verizon.


In this post I will describe what else has happened since.

I have not been able to find anything about Nokia Lumia Icon alias Nokia Lumia 929. I have posted the question to the Windows Phone Central.

When I bought the Nokia Icon phone from Verizon the OS version was 8.0.10521.155

Then I installed Windows 8.1 Preview for developers and this version was 8.10.12397.895

There has been other updates. The following were the updates I agreed to install on the same day.
8.10.14147.180;  8.10.12400.899; and 8.10.14157.200

The update 8.10.14147 appears the latest according to:

Is it? I have 8.10.14157.200.

The last updates took quite a bit of time that included updating some 20 files.

This is OK. I am still puzzled whether I am still in the 'Preview Park' or the 'RTM'. Another frustrating thing with the updates is that no reason is given for these updates. Things need to be transparent.

At least with Visual Studio updates, you do get some idea of what has been updated.


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