Friday, July 11, 2014

Have you installed Windows 8.1 Update 1?

This update would have taken place during one of the Windows Updates event (this happened in April 2014 in my computer). The computer properties does not give a clue that this happened. For example the Windows 8.1 Update 1 has been installed but the property page displays this:

However, this update can be installed manually as well, by downloading and installing a set of the following KB articles):

These can be downloaded from site.

If you search for these files in the Installed Updates window (Control Panel | Programs | Programs and Features | Installed Updates you may draw a blank except for the first two files. Only when you try to install them (this is a scenario in which you do not know that Update 1 has been installed) you would get a message that it is already installed.

However after the update you will notice that when you start the computer it boots to the desktop and not the Metro screen. You can also right click the Windows Logo occupying the place of the Start button in the previous version (Windows 7 and older) you can access a menu as shown:

Actually this is quite useful as it provides link to most of the stuff on the computer.

In the Metro screen you gt contextual drop-down menu for the apps; as well as you can get Power Options and Search without any swiping. This should satisfy the mouse users.

The Pin to taskbar menu item allows you to activate the app you want from the desktop screen.

Another thing you may notice is that all apps have a title bar showing the app logo at top left and minimize and close buttons top right. Quite useful too.


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