Monday, June 30, 2014

Get Azure Technology to your organization with Windows Azure Pack

Windows Azure Pack provides enterprise or service providers to reap the benefits of Azure technology running on their own data centers rather than the Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. The Azure services can be deployed to current infrastructure which includes existing IT investments.
It is in fact the same technology developed for Microsoft Datacenters (built on System Center and Windows Servers) neatly packaged to run on customer infrastructure which may be an enterprise or a Service (hosting) Provider. In effect the customer would enjoy the same capabilites that he would on Microsoft Azure Datacenter.

The Windows Azure Pack includes:
Customer Portal
Admin Portal
Customer and Admin Services
Source: The white paper

Windows Azure Pack is available free if you are a customer for Microsoft's Windows Servers and System Center.

Read more on this by downloading the white paper 'Windows Azure Pack White Paper' from here:
Download the datasheet from the same site.

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