Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fire Phone is Amazon's Shopping Mall in the palm of your hand

Fire phone is finally out. The pricing is not what I thought it would be. Many of the features are available in many other phones but not the 3D effect or, what is known as Dynamic Perspective, a view created using multiple camera output to stitch a 3D perspective, a dynamic hologram.
Here is picture that explains static and dynamic perspectives (the details may not be exactly as shown but the principle is):

Using 4 low resolution, ultra low power cameras the image is synthesized in real-time (perhaps sucking lot more power than the non 3D cameras). There are, I assume two other cameras for the usual photo/video capture. In days to come we will see how the 3D effect is leveraged to make the phone more attractive for buyers.

The effect as seen in the videos (MPEG-4 video file (.mp4)) is quite interesting. Here is a video downloaded from Amazon Site. This may require you to view in IE 10 or Google Chrome.

The Z-axis is not out of the paper but as if you peer into the device and the 3D effect is inside of the camera.

Presently only AT&T is the designated carrier and the purchase of camera gives you free Premium membership (3-Yr free). Fire phone also has Firefly technology providing access to mountain of information with one-click.

Fire phone, built on Android OS,  out of the box has a large number of apps and developers will creating more for which Amazon will be releasing it code base.

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