Monday, June 02, 2014

Apple's 2013 WWDC Mela opens in San Francisco

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Most anticipated event opens with lots of technical meetings and unveiling of new stuff opens in CA.

Key highlights

iOS8 Apple's new mOS
Only incremental changes in look and feel
improvements to map application which was lacking
new iTune features

OS x10.10 pcOS
The same guy who did a makeover to iOS7  has (?) worked on the new pcOS X.
So, OS x1.10 will have minimalist look

Flatter and better looking icons than OS X Mavericks

Health book Application which can interact with FitBit and in future with iWatch.

A separate iTune's Radio Application

Additionally, Apple will have new hardware
Set-top box
Smart  watch
Larger Phone
Customers will be looking at bottom-line cost-wise

Get into the thick of things with the Internet Of Things with i(Apple devices) connecting and controlling stuff in your Home, Sweet home with its iGizmos.

Looks like it want to beat Google's Androids and send them them back wimpering to where they came from.
Does it sound plausible?

Try to tackle PayPal and such with iBeacons.

Still sitting on the side lines to make apperance are iWatch and new Apple TV.

To get a sense of what's going on at WWDC 2014 which opened in San Francisco watch this,

and the blog on WSJ's web page here:


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