Sunday, January 05, 2014

What are Solutions and Projects in SQL Server Managment Studio?

When you are working on a SQL Server Database related problem you may design Tables, Views, Stored Procedures and sometimes it may involve components other than the Data Engine. SQL Server Management Studio provides a means to group together all your codes in one place as part of a SQL Server Project. A solution is a container for a project(s) containing all logically related scripts and files in one place. It is available even in SQL Server 2012 Express. This is the platform to use if you want to develop scripts for Database Engine and Analysis Services. SQL Server is tightly integrated with Visual Studio,

You can work with Solutions and Projects with this interface in SSMS.

Related to Solutions you can do the following:
Create a New Solution
Open an Existing Solution
Close a Solution
Delete a Solution
Copy Items in a Solution
Remove or Delete an Item or Project
Move Items in a Solution
Rename Solutions and Project Items

Related to Projects you can carry out the following:

Create a Project
Add an Existing Project to a Solution
Change the Default Location for Projects
View Project Properties
Add New Items to a Project
Associate a Query with a Connection in a Project
Change the Connection Associated with a Query View
Change the Properties of a Connection in a Project

More about Projects and Solutions in SQL Server Management Studio  here:

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