Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Microsoft and Education

Microsoft is trying to do some workout with students on their overall development- scholastically speaking. It is high time that the improvement in education standards are addressed. USA may be a great country but not in educating its students despite massive spending.

In fact, quite far down in Mathematics and Science rankings among the OECD Countries as you can see from this 2009 report and probably not much better off in recent surveys as well. Shocking but true.


Mathematics and Science

Here is Microsoft's Education related site.

There are plenty of Apps on the internet (you just have to click off Face Book etc..) which will make your learning a pleasure. I do not mean that you should get rid of Facebook and twitter but...

Here is a video of one of the APPs from the store. it is available for all the vendors, not only MSFT. This was randomly chosen but there are zillions of apps.

Also visit;

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