Monday, January 27, 2014

Creating and connecting to a Contained Database in SQL Server 2012

Contained databases are the best choice if you have migration in mind and with SQL Servers both in-house and the cloud, migration will always be an important item to consider.

Read this article for the benefits of Contained databases:

SQL Server 2012 only supports partially contained databases and in future versions this may change.

Depending of the version of SQL Server Management Studio you may or may not be able to connect to the Contained database although you will be able to create one. Once you get connected (SQL Server authentication) you will be able to access only the connected database.

The following link describes some error messages you may encounter trying to create a contained database and connect to it. You can use both SSMS as well as T-SQL to create a partially contained database.

The next image shows the tree structure of a partially contained database.


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