Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Did a Chinese phone manufacturer preempt Apple in China?

The company Goophone has cloned Apple's 5 phones by just looking at the leaked photos of Apple design. It appears they even patented the design in China even before Apple's release which will make it very difficult for Apple to get in.  It may be noted that the decline of Nokia in Asia was often quoted as being related to Chinese cheap know outs.

On the plus side, the Chinese Goophone has impressive specifications even rivaling Apple's. I will not be surprised that you will soon find this cheap knock-out (I would not call it that as it deserves more respect vis-a-vis its specifications) coming into USA any time soon.

Follow the story here, if you have missed,

More story with Goophone i5 specifications and some graphics here,

A tablet for under $50 ( and now an iPhone better-than-look-alike for under $300. Where is the bottom?.

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