Friday, December 13, 2013

Animated comics with Manga Studio

It is claimed as numero uno when it comes to comic software. You be the judge by giving it a try.
Manga is serious business in Japan and cannot travel in Japan not noticing the Manga afficonados skimming pages and pages of Manga magazine. Mostly comic but often with risque motifs focusing on the latest in bravado, heroism, cruelty, reglogiosity and you name it. It is no wonder it is the Manga center of the world.
My class mates in Japan started the day with skimming a few pages of the then popular Mangas before getting on to more serious tasks of the day. It was the daily routine.

Manga studio has great products, Manga Studio 5, Anime Studio, and Poser which can be accessed at the following links:  - one stop solution to creating stunning manga(comics)  - Comprehensive support for creating movies, cartoons and film animations

Here is an example:  - Create relaistic, professional 3D artwork, it also comes with canned content for rapid creations

Interesting Poser Video here:

You can download a trial copy(I think!). Give it a try and see.

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