Wednesday, November 20, 2013

IE 11 frozen from last night - Oh!! Browsers

There were emails asking recipients to try out IE 11. Of course I love Bing with beautiful pictures and some of the browser benchmarking looked real good.

I finally decided to install IE 11 and tried to look into some more details. Sad to say, the experience was less than satisfactory. In fact, the browser is hanging frozen from last night.

Let me describe what lead to this disastrous condition.
First, let me show some slides of the installation on my Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) Toshiba laptop.
Looks great.

That was OK. I accepted both BING and MSN defaults.

I read the terms (glanced over it) and clicked Install. No problem while installing

Looks good.

BING looks good.

These screens are all OK. Then I tried to look at security settings (this is in the news). The browser suggested I follow the steps to set it up. This is what I see. The required option is missing.

This is also still OK. May be some guy forgot something.

Then I try to dig in a little more. I am a developer and wanted to see what the great offerings were. I am sad to say I was disappointed. The stuff looks great, but I encountered problem. The browser hung!! It was pretty bad since even now it is still hanging (even) after booting the computer a couple of times.

There is another side story to this. I tried to post this using Mozilla (looks like there is an update everyday) but the blogger editor became so erratic that I am now using Safari to post this. I wanted to remove white space between image and text, boy it turned out to be a nightmare. Either the bloggers editor is less than ideal or the browser interface is bad. I think it is the latter.

Now to the story of IE11 hanging. I tried to take a look at the developers tools and here are some screen shots. I could not complete the whole thing because the IE11 browser hung. If you are interested I will email a word doc with screen shots embedded. Contact me,

Developer Tools in IE 11
You can get to the screen from Tools(Alt+x) and F12 Developer Tools. Clicking this will bring up the following screen:

Clicked on UI Responsiveness and it started processing and went on for a while.  It analyzed the data collected thus far and prepared a report as shown.

I am not sure how easy to read this and associate with what is happening.

This one was for the emulation with GPS turned on.

I am in Honolulu, Hawaii (aloha!!!) but looks like this is hardcoded to Seattle(Why?).

This one for memory usage.

This is for Network and I am looking at my blog.

Now I go to debug a block and this is what I see. This another blog with lot fewer posts.

I go and look at another part here. The stuff in red must be something related to google.

After this the IE11 browser hung and everything was blank and most of the menu items did not work (and is still not working). Here is the final screen from that event.

Well. I may have to deinstall IE 11 and try to reinstall.

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