Wednesday, October 30, 2013

India is an Emerging Market, Is it really?

India has contributed to computer technology enormously over the past decade, but how well is it exposed to the world, how seriously it is taken may be debated.

Take for example the currency symbol for Indian Rupee shown here.

The currency symbol for Indian Rupee has been standardized with the accepted Unicode U+20B9.
Review Link here.

However even in documents like Microsoft SQL Server it has not found a place when referring to data types and currency symbols. However, it amuses me to see even much smaller countries whose currency is unknown to me has a place. I am sure this will be corrected, but when?

In looking through this I came across this nice blog on Unicode Code Converter v7.05 here.

These are the various converted formats for the Indian currency symbol.

The image of the currency symbol at the top of this post is from this site:

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