Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Bunch of new updates to Windows Azure

Here is a summary from Scott Gu's article found here regarding the most recent updates:

  • Compute: New 2-CPU Core 14 GB RAM instance option
  • Virtual Machines: Support for Oracle Software Images, Management Operations on Stopped VMs
  • Active Directory: Richer Directory Management and General Availability of Multi-Factor Authentication Support
  • Spending Limit: Reset your Spending Limit, Virtual Machines are no longer deleted if it is hit
  • Storage: New Storage Client Library 2.1 Released
  • Web Sites: IP and Domain Restriction Now Supported
The new virtual machine instance released is called A5 shown here (from the previous link):

Here are some more details of the virtual machines copied from here:

Only one  active directory which cannot be deleted has changed. Now you can have multiple active directories which contributes to flexibility (with multiple tenants).

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