Monday, December 03, 2012

Window 8 seeks Fed's patronage

At a recent Microsoft Window 8 reception Microsoft displayed Windows 8 for federal audience and it appears federal IT was looking for a secure and innovative platform. The event was hosted by FedScoop in Washington D.C., to more than 250 government and Fed executives.
Windows 8's 8 features that may be most appealing to government are:

* The new 'Metro' interface with touch capability across all foot prints
* The Charms bar hidden but avialable
* The Windows runtime providing a sandbox environment
* Windows to Go, OS on a USB stick with full security
* Windows store for apps distribution
* Access to File History doing away with backup & restore
* Reset and Refresh features to handle troublesome system situations
* Desktop available as an app

Let's hope this will ramp up the sales!!

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