Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Breaking news: T-SQL in SQL Server to query SQL Azure Federations

Aloha from Bengaluru,

Microsoft has come up with an easier solution to scale out.

SQL Azure Federations is the answer.

With T-SQL you can:

* Use T-SQL to create federated tables and migrating data from on-premises to SQL Azure
* Manage SQL Azure Federations by splitting the root member table using T-SQL

Details are here:

Authored by Roger Jennings - a.NET developer and writer

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Do you need to upload 2GB files?

Aloha from Bengaluru

Microsoft SkyDrive has just released the stuff that helps you to upload 2GB files. That's hefty!!

You can also pick and choose files that you need (Selective Sync) from SkyDrive as well as better organize your uploads. SkyDrive also has a SkyBin. You don't need it, send it to SkyBin and, you want it, get it restored.

Web, Mobile and Desktop (WMD, not that WMD) boundaries are disappearing. They are all one and the same, your stuff, but just 3 avataras.

Note: SkyBin is the blogger's construct.


Share / Sync

Skybin (Recycle bin on SkyDrive)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Microsoft beefs up Azure Support

Aloha from Bengaluru

This is a much needed item for one and all interested in developing; porting to Windows Azure. The level of support of course depends on how much you are willing to pay or, how long are you willing to wait. I like the developer pricing although we have to wait and see how effective the support is. I hope it has improved,
; in the early days of Windows Azure it was not that great. Here is the Wait / Price support matrix for different levels.

Pricing Protection Status