Wednesday, May 02, 2012

You may start hearing voices from Microsoft Cloud

You may start hearing voices from Microsoft Azure. Do not send for an exorcist.

The new strategic alliance between Twilio and Microsoft make this possible by aligning Twilio's Cloud-based telephony (voice and messaging services) with Microsoft Azure Cloud.

You may recall that an earlier post was related to  Skype integrated with the IE browser. Twilio offers a similar advantage in that there is no need to download an app or plug-in.

Twilio in some ways may be similar to Skype but it appears to offer much more such as:

interactive voice response,
mobile app distribution via SMS
call automation
two-factor authentication.

Using Twilio's demo program from this site, I called up my Windows 7 phone and I got immediately connected. My browser was talking to my  phone via internet through a weak Wi-Fi connection.

Twilio offers a number of features as shown in the following screen shots.

Quarter penny calls are great!!


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