Thursday, May 31, 2012

Regarding Reviews

This whole matter of review and many other such reviews should serve a purpose. It should not be a vehicle for and because of,

*Wrong audience type

*disgruntled because of economic grudge (outsourcing)

*irresponsible reviewers( had a look it, toss it in the trash, etc)

*vested interest (publisher, friend, gift, etc)

* incomplete reviews

It is time http://Amazon.Com take some positive steps.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Will Nokia bundled with NFC steal the market?

Touch that can change a company

Well NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is supposed to be the credit card buster of the future. Touch your NFC enabled phone to an ATM mchine, outcomes the green backs (of course from your bank account. You do not need to insert your credit card and enter credentials etc. You start off transaction without all these preliminaries). Besides this kind of transaction NFC can provide a whole lot of new experience.

NFC is the future face of how we will be communicating with the external world be it health services, entertainment, finance, banking etc. Perhaps you should update your knowledge base on NFC by visiting their site here,

To get a quick take on what NFC is about perhaps you should immediately go to this page here,

Nokia NFC-enabled version of Lumia 610 smart phone was recently launched. Nokia enabled this on Windows 7 Phone OS by building a NFC software stack on top of it and it is offering the NFC services (payments) in France and UK through Orange ( Here is a YouTube video regarding NFC-enabled Lumia,

The moral of this post is that Nokia will not be a looser for long and it will rebound with new energy. I have started taking bets!


Monday, May 21, 2012

What is common between and Nuclear Fusion?

Perhaps a lot, perhaps, just a coincidence! But Jeff Bezos name is associated with both. His connection to needs no explanation, but I came across his name in a document at the following site,

I believe that the connection is true since Jeff Bezos is such a bright and forward looking guy. If the name turns out to be a coincidence, I ask forgiveness.

Nuclear Fusion has been touted as the future of mankind for its energy requirements. Despite spending untold resources; thousands of brilliant people in dozens of countries participating, fusion energy has not been realized beyond the breakeven levels.

This new idea from GeneralFusion may turn out to be the solution although it is still in its very early stages. Perhaps Jeff can see into the future.

Thank you Michael Reusch for bringing this news item to my attention:

Sunday, May 13, 2012

SQL Server Express 2012 and LocalDB

Sql Server Express 2012 the latest free version of SQL Server from Microsoft has five options of download from a small foot print version (SQL Express 2012 LocalDB or simply LocalDB) to the full  version with all bells and whistles. The product comes in both (32  bit) and (x64bit) versions in several European and Asian Languages.

  LocalDB, an embeddable small foot print version of SQL Server Express ideal for learning as well as providing backend support for desktop,  web, and small server applications is also installed when you choose  to install "SQL Server Express 2012 with tools". In this article the  installation of SQL Server Express 2012 with tools and moreusing the  sqllocaldb executable to administer the LocalDB is described.

Read the full article here,

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Microsoft Carnival, a different kind of carnival

This is a different kind of carnival not the one in Rio de Janeiro that takes place around February each year.

This is Packt's Microsoft Carnival. You can buy the latest books related to Microsoft's ground breaking software from the best of the breed (with great humility I add myself to this group) authors at great bargains.

Packt Publishing brings to you an exciting choice of discounts for Microsoft books and e-books. They have slashed their prices by 30%, go crazy and make the most of this Carnival before it ends…

* Buy any Microsoft print book from below and get 20% off
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* Buy PacktLib subscription and get 10% off

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

You may start hearing voices from Microsoft Cloud

You may start hearing voices from Microsoft Azure. Do not send for an exorcist.

The new strategic alliance between Twilio and Microsoft make this possible by aligning Twilio's Cloud-based telephony (voice and messaging services) with Microsoft Azure Cloud.

You may recall that an earlier post was related to  Skype integrated with the IE browser. Twilio offers a similar advantage in that there is no need to download an app or plug-in.

Twilio in some ways may be similar to Skype but it appears to offer much more such as:

interactive voice response,
mobile app distribution via SMS
call automation
two-factor authentication.

Using Twilio's demo program from this site, I called up my Windows 7 phone and I got immediately connected. My browser was talking to my  phone via internet through a weak Wi-Fi connection.

Twilio offers a number of features as shown in the following screen shots.

Quarter penny calls are great!!

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