Friday, April 20, 2012

Skype is coming to a browser near you

Microsoft is about to change the way you access Skype, the once PC based program to reach out to your friends and relatives across the lands and oceans will now be on a browser.
Previously you needed to download and install Skype on your PC which became easier and easier as it gained popularity. Then came video; group chat and skype on mobile phone and at around that time it was absorbed by Microsoft. Well, the question on every one's mind was what Microsoft was going to do with skype. Of course one way was to make it a part of its browser software. Now with this new move, you do not need to download and install, it's a part of your browser.
Is it going to beat up Google? Even if it does not, it is going to make it more even interesting to its investors. Microsoft has started seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Hope Nokia picks itself up and make Windows 7 (or 8) phone more and more popular.

I do not own stocks of MSFT but a few of Nokia.

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