Thursday, March 22, 2012

SQL Azure gets a booster shot from an Australian SaaS Provider

Australia based SaaS provider Movideo is dumping its open source based cloud provider (based on the LAMP stack) and going with Microsoft Azure to improve performance of the company's bottom line.

Movideo is not so hot on either Google or Amazon for they lack certain features of Microsoft's Azure Cloud platform. With this Movideo will try to extend its wings and fly beyond its present Asia-Pacific region.

It appears Movideo has started migrating the hugh amount of data from its previous implementation and it may take almost half a year to port all the data.

With this the Azure Platform is sure to become more attractive for other similar customers. SQL Azure's administration features; and its close knit interactity with SQL Server; and synchronization services available on a global scale were some of the compelling features of the Azure platform that provided the motivation.

Do not forget to read more here & here. Perhaps the stocks of Microsoft and Akamai will begin to rise.

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