Monday, February 07, 2011

Microsoft Lightswitch upgrade?

Looks like there is something new going to be announced for Microsoft LightSwitch

W4 Visual Studio LightSwitch – Beyond the Basics

Probably this is where you will hear about the next beta if not the final version.
That will be sometime in APRIL.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Your Microsoft LightSwitch program may not work without this upgrade

If you have been developing with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (Microsoft LightSwitch) or Visual Studio 2010 Express you may need this upgrade without which your programs before upgrade may not load like mine did (see the message below). This upgrade installs updated Silverlight 4 Tools and brings with it a bunch of improvements noted here copied over from the source (review link).

Download the file below from the above link. Make sure you read all the enhancements you will be getting on that link.

 Run the executable with a few easy steps but takes considerable time as it unwinds some and wires up some new items shown here.

Now you can go back and open your projects created before the upgrade without any problem.

There was MySQL on AWS and now Oracle 11G

The thirst to launch services to the cloud appears to be unquenchable. AWS is now adding Oracle 11G. It has an interesting licensing option, the BYOL (not BYOB), short for bring your own license and of course Oracle will provide support for this(not for BYOB).

For details read this eWeek article on line at:
AWS to Launch Oracle Version of Amazon Relational Database Service Protection Status