Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hurry up and check out Silverlight 4

Do you need an extra motivation to start with Silverlight 4?

Here is long list of what SL4 is about from the Microsoft's very own Channel 9 (Content developers John Papa and Adam Kinney). It appears to me (some comments are my own and not in the original) very compelling indeed. Check them out here:

Supports printing of SL apps
Localization with bi-direcitonal(bi-di) and script-based text and R-L support
Extended Language Support
 New Langauges and my own Indic group (including Indo-Dravidian)
New Rich TextBox Control with Bi-Di
Enhanced IME, specially for East Asian Languages
View Box to position your image to bring it to focus
Auto-sizing columns and copy from DataGrid
Navigation page extensibility
Command property on ButtonBase and Hyperlink
SelectedValue and SelectedValue Path on Selector
Support for referer header
UDP Mulitcast client support
Networking enhancements
WCF TCP-binding (sans securite')
WCF PollingDuplex improvements
Authentication support with ClientHTTPWebRequest
IDATAErrorInfo (unmasking validation errors)
INotifyDataErrorInfo (make use of HasError property)
Grouping on CollectionViewSource
Editable CollectionView IEditableCollecitonView
Binding to String Indexers (Good for text mining?!!)
TargetNullValue (Null is no sweat)
StringFormat (cool feature)
FallBackValue (Is it the same as default?)
Databinding support for Dependency Objects
XPath support for XML
ObservableCollection<T> constructor accepts IList and IENumerable
Isolated Storage Enhancements
Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF)[hot fix running apps!!]
SDK enhancements

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