Thursday, July 29, 2010

Make no mistake, this is no easy stuff

Ten years into making speaks volumes. This is a toy, yes. This is a serious business, yes, yes and yes. What I am talking about is LEGO Universe.

This does not use the bright colored plastic pieces that you used to put together a house, a plane, a train etc. The LEGO blocks are made of PIXELS. LEGO Universe, the online game debuts in October 2010 and supports massive multiplayer gaming. Now you can think of building massive projects with this online game. Also it will be a welcome departure from blood and gore, staples of most games. This one is for kids who want to be inventive kids not the ones roaming in virtual space smelling blood at every corner. Hey I am not satisfied with tweeting or, making faces but I want a healthy alternative to other forms of social networking.

To learn more about this don't miss the article on IEEE Spectrum

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