Monday, March 22, 2010

Azure’s foray into Facebook Domain

Recently Facebook beat Google in searches, and now Microsoft plays host to Facebook on the Azure Cloud.
We live in interesting times.

A new toolkit was released for Facebook.
This toolkit enables Facebook apps to run in the Azure Cloud

Download toolkit here:

The toll kit provides hook ups, but if you want to create a new application,
you better get to this page and learn how to create an IFRAMES CANVAS application!

According to documentation you get all this stuff with the toolkit:

Facebook Developers Toolkit
Ninject 2.0 for Dependency Injection
Asp.Net MVC 2
Windows Azure Software Development Kit (February 2010)
AutoMapper Link
Azure Toolkit - Simplified library for accessing Message Queues, Table Storage and Sql Server
Automated build scripts for one-click deployment from TFS 2010 to Azure

This is good to know. You get a lot of related Azure stuff.

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