Saturday, January 02, 2010

It was yet another good year

The hodentek blog had more visitors than last year, approximating about 45,000 visitors for the year. The number of monthly visitors surged during the later half of the year. Of course this did not translate to any income from the blog. I am yet to see my first $100 cheque from Google. May be I should shift to Bing.

Trend-wise IE has lost some ground since I last looked at it. IE, Mozilla and Google Chrome lead the pack. The graph is from Google Analytics.

Some visitors keep coming to my site, still it is only 15% of the visits. I hope this will improve so that I can establish some reputation(!).

I was fortunate enough to write another book that got published in 2009. I thank Packt Publishing for their continued interest in what I write. This time I got in the right time to write (during the CTP period). It was a pain in the neck to write during this fluid period, but perhaps it has a more rounded get up. The book got bloated a little bit. Considering that the major portion of the book consists of screen shots, I hope the readers do not feel the book heavy on their hands. I am sure the book will be helpful and let the readers be the judge.

I continued writing articles on whatever that I thought would be useful. I added many other online sites to which I send in my articles and get them published, notably,, and several others. This is in addition to others that I have been writing to,,, etc. I would like to thank the sites for promoting my articles.

Most of all I thank the readers of my books and articles. I am also thankful to the MSDN forums which have enriched my knowledgebase. I wish them all a very Happy New Year.

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