Monday, July 27, 2009

Turn off Microsoft Oracle Client and turn on ODP.NET

Excellent support from Oracle to its products has prompted (it appears) Microsoft to
deprecate the System.Data.OracleClient. The developers will of course migrate their applications
that use this product.

The comparison  listing of ODP.NET and Microsoft Oracle Client shows a lot of no's for Microsoft and lots of yes's for Oracle's ODP.NET. Of course you want to join the "yes" gang.

The ODAC downloads are on this page for specified versions of Visual Studio and Oracle versions

For example the ODAC 11g include the following:
a) Oracle Providers for ASP.NET (
b) Orale Data Provider for .NET 2.0 (
c) Oracle Data Provider for .NET 1.x (
d) Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio (
e) Oracle Database Extensions for .NET 2.0 ( -- upgrade only
f) Oracle Database Extensions for .NET 1.x ( -- upgrade only
g) Oracle Provider for OLE DB (
h) Oracle Objects for OLE (
i) Oracle ODBC Driver (
j) Oracle Services for Microsoft Transaction Server (
k) Oracle SQL*Plus (
l) Oracle Instant Client (

In order to install the above Visual Studio 2008 and Oracle 11g Servers are needed. While installing make sure that there are no white spaces in the installation folders and sub-directories.

I tried to install with my 10G XE and I got this:

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