Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The how of out of browser experience in Silverlight 3.0

When you run the Silverlight application and right click on the HTML or the ASPX page you can choose the option "Install Out of Browser Silverlight...onto this computer...". You will then launch a window where you can choose to install it on the Desktop or Start Menu or both and click OK. This will leave a short cut on your Desktop (if this is what you chose). When you double click this shortcut you will launch a Silverlight Viewer(I call it so) which will display the application. It goes by the name sllauncher.exe.

What if you see that the above option is grayed out?

By default it is grayed out. You can go to the AppManifest.xml in your MyProject folder and remove the indicated commenting. After this you will see that you are capable of launching the shortcut which when activated provides the Out of browser display

How is it useful?
I am not quite sure. As a demo it is great. The shortcut, if you were to transport to another machine will not work. It's just a link and not an executable.

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