Friday, April 03, 2009

Adobe Media Player - very, very cool

Adobe Media Player is a cool media player with a small foot print (little bigger than WMP). It is quite dazzling in its capabilites and it's free. You can watch vidoes from an infinite number of categories including TV film clips. You can add videos you have taken to your own personal video colletion and play them at a flick of a button. You can also delete them if you don't like. There is both a classic navigation for playing videos . You select on the left pane and play the selected on the right pane. You can also download or view the ones that are updated regularly. Pick and choose and add it to your favorites.

Get your own Adobe Media Player. If you have used only Windows Media Player you will see the difference right away. Of course Silvelight will challenge it in a big, big way but it is still a work in progress. Adobe Media Player has the finished look and feel of a product.

Adobe Media Player download brings in a ~2.5 MB adobe_media_player.air installer program. You double click this file to begin installing. One thing to note is that you give up your whole machine internals to the program, the player will have access to anything on your computer.

Watch:  System Access Unrestricted

You can also read a tutorial on how to add your own videos, add to your favorites and many others.

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