Friday, March 27, 2009

You should have enough "Assets" to use Expression Blend 2 effectively

I posted previously that Expression Blend 2 SP1 returned an error when I tried to look up a XAML file created in a Silverlight Application project.

Now I know the reason. If you access the "Assets" in Expression Blend you will see a number of items. I had 36 of them but none of those that I posted about, namely DateePicker, Calendar and Label. Silverlight 3.0 has lot more assets than Expression Blend 2 SP1.
Next question: How do you add assets to Expression Blend2

Really, there should have been set up shared assets. Then this problem would not arise.

Edited April 01, 2009:
Expression Blend SP1 will not do:
Read this reply from Microsoft Connect: 

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