Monday, March 02, 2009

Removing a SQL Server 2008 installation

I had an evaluation copy that had expired. I wanted to install a new evaluation copy for further testing. I removed the existing programs (Database Engine, Analysis Server, Reporting Services ) but left the shared items. The new named instance was installed; found that I could start and stop it, but I could not use the Management Studio as it came up with "the evaulation has expired message".

I went back to Add/Remove and tried to repair the shared items. The " the evaulation has expired message "message still remained. Then I removed the shared items and installed the shared items anew. This also did not fix the problem.

Finally, I removed all the items completly. Rebooted the computer. Then installed the whole program once again. This time it worked all right and the installation was success.

I think it is best to remove the whole lot and save a whole lot of trouble.

Read this Microsoft article before uninstalling the product:

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