Thursday, January 22, 2009

John Resig's jQuery

About jQuery and how to download
This is a nice light weight wrapper tool to write amazing JavaScript.It is distributed under a public license.
There are two versions you can download -minified and uncompressed from the following web

What you do after download?
(This is for the Windows XP users)
Get the downloaded jquery-1.3.min.js file into any folder. I keep all of my stuff on desktop
where I can see it. Create a virtual site on your IIS 5.1 and use the folder you down loaded the file to keep site files. If you are experimenting,  give all rights on the folder to yourself. You are done.

What next?I will be writing a few scripts that will highlight jQuery's magical effects. Mine is not the only source, there are tons of info on site as well as else where. Just make a web search if you are motivated.

What do you use to create a script?
You can use just Notepad. Microsoft supports it in Visual Studio 2008.You cannot upload and use Notepad created file with VS 2008 unless you have created a HTML document  proper to use with VS 2008.

The Visual Studio 2008 SP1 connection

If you are interested in developing web apps using jquery in VS 2008 make sure you read this article,
jQuery intellisense in VS2008

Good luck with jquery

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