Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Why didn't they call it Growser?

Substitute multi-process for multi-thread and you have the major feature of the "Chrome" browser -Google's App /Web Browser. Of course there is a Process Manager(can we ever do without them) who is like a circus ring master taming the processes. Each process has its own JavaScript and basically is part of a multi-tabbed web page. If something happens to one of the processes the other can go on. It just looks like the time when we moved from DOS to Windows.

The web page works with tabs and each tab owns its resources, close the tab and it is done. Open a new one you start from scratch. If one tab goes kaput the others are OK. However, if you are used to 'Smiley face', now get used the 'Sad tab'. As you browse you will create and destroy processes and the manager keeps his 'tab' on the processes. Chrome also seems to have a better task manager. To bring it into production Google Engineers have entered over drive (make more money by overtime, that helps). I am looking forward to take it for a test drive and it will probably happen today.

Adapted from the Chrome comic at:

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