Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some observations on the New Table or Matrix Wizard in Report Builder 2.0

It is an excellent tool that makes it easy to rapidly develop cross-tab like reports. However there are a few problems using it.

#1. It is not like what the Report Builder 2.0 documents says it is.

Copied from documentation

Copied from the Report Builder's Wizard

#2. You can only make a cross-tab report using this (of course you can edit the report later to make a Table report).

#3. Once you move a field into the three others (ROW GROUPS, COLUMN GROUPS, VALUES) you cannot remove it. You can however move it around the three.

#4. If you cancel this step you have to start the wizard all over again

#5. Even if you start with Insert | Table Wizard you end up with the same Arrange Fields page of the wizard.

This was my experience, What is yours?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What can Report Builder 1.0 do?

Let me first of all say what it cannot do.

The scenario:

Report Builder 1.0 and Models created with Visual Studio 2.0/Report Manager [Enterprise Evaluation Copy] or Reports created with Visual Studio 2.0 based on the Models created in VS2008 and hosted on Report Server [SQL Server 2008 Enterprise EE].

#1. The Models created by VS2008/BIDS/Report Manager[Enterprise Evaluation Edition] can be accessed by Report Builder 1.0. Reports created in RB1.0 using the entities in the model accessed, cannot be processed. You get the following error:
MemoryStream length must be non-negative and less than 2^31 - 1 - origin.
Parameter name: offset
Remote GDI stream version: ?. Expected version: 11.0.1.

#2. Trying to open a report created in Visual Studio 2008 based on a Model created in Visual Studio 2008 cannot be opened in Report Builder 1.0 in the SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Evaluation Edition.
The error message for this is:

System.IO.StreamReader: The Report element was not found.

Note: The Open Report window in Report Builder 1.0 locates the report bt cannot open it. The above error is displayed.

I have not tested by trying to upload a Model/Report built using SQL Server 2005. May be it can.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

From Baghavad Gita - the divine book of songs

From the artist (Lakshmi Candade) who contributed to the Sugama Sangita disc "Naraynamruta" recently released with support from Niviqure a original medical equipment maker from Bangalore.

Watch this on You Tube:

Friday, September 19, 2008

This is no winning notification

Another scam from London. Must be quite desperate.

Info lottery

show details 3:58 PM (14 hours ago)

Microsoft Promotion Award Team
20 Craven Park, Harlesden
London NW10
United Kingdom
FILE REF: HL/5564/06/08/MICS
BATCH: MC11/834/5PDH /EU


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Query Designer Tool in Report Builder 2.0 : Problem with an ODBC Connection

Query Designer Tool in Report Builder 2.0 does not allow you to use the Graphical designer for an ODBC Connection.

Here is a screen shot of what should have been a graphical interface to create a dataset.

The workaround is to type in a query which you have created, tested and verified earlier. The import can only import *.sql or *.rdl files from a saved location.

Updated information:

It appears that the Graphic interface in the Query Designer Tool works only with SQL Server according to one of MSDN Moderators.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Google Chrome and JSON

A mini tutorial:
JSON (RFC 4627) is short for JavaScript Object Notation and Google Chrome has no problem in handling JSON. Json as compared to XML has some good points. There are no versions of JSON and it does not need validation. You cannot extend it. Well it is a subset of JavaScript and there should not be any problem as long as JavaScript is enabled. Accessing within a defined object is lot easier than using ECMA as you need to do for XML.

Here are two examples of Json, an object and an array on Google Chrome.

Example of JSON Object:


Example of JSON Array:


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Data Pager Control [.NET Framework 3.5] in VS2008

When query results exceed the display area then you resort to scrolling and wish you had some way to limit the number of results displayed and comfortable to view without scrolling. Paging functionality which provides an answer to this is therefore a much desired feature. The Data Pager Control in Visual Studio 2008 provides this functionality when you create an ASP.NET web form under .NET Framework 3.5. It can be configured automatically using the GUI, or it can be installed manually after installing the ListView. In this article both of them are described. While the number of items displayed in a list can be declaratively coded, it is possible to set it at page load time as well.

Want to know how it is done?
Read the following article at Packt Site...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I thought Solitaire was a rock solid programme

Not any more. I have been seeing recently the weirdest things with this fast to load, rock solid porgram (of the past).

Want to know Solitaire on Windows ? Follow this link 

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Posting in Kannada on the Blogger

The Process of importing was round about but works alright.

Note: I did not use Google's Transcription for this

My name in Kannada

Compared to two years ago the Baraha software is good, although need steep practicing.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

I Can't find these in documentation

I tried to enable My Reports in Site Settings as suggested by Microsoft Documentation for SQL Server 2008 Documentation,


but I cannot find any control (Radio button, check box) in Report Manager's Settings page to enable My Reports.

In Report Manager | Site Settings | General there is this item,

Custom Report Builder launch URL:

I also cannot find documentation about this item,

I appreciate if any reader of this blog has some idea about these.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Report Builder 2.0 with RC1 applied looks good

I was discouraged about Report Builder 2.0 but now with RC1 applied we can pursue the Game.
Looks good at first take.

Don't tarry, Get the RC1. You need to point the upgrade to your Report Server.

Report Builder 2.0 did not get better in the RTM, or did it?

The Report Builder 2.0 Help says this about Query Designer

In this window you create a dataset in Report Builder 2.0
Notice the missing Radio Button for Tables
This is the Query Designer tool in Report Builder 2.0
No support for graphic design!!!
May be this is only what I see. If you see that everything is fine kindly leave a comment.

Looks like there has been a recent RC1 for the Report Builder. Now I am in hot pursuit of this one.

Google Chrome and XML Support

Google Chrome when it renders XML does not seem to use XSLT. Here are some of the screen shots. The first is representative of mature browers (IE 7.0, Firefox 3.1, and Netscape 8.1). The second from much leaner browsers (Safari, Opera and Chrome)

IE 7.0, Firefox 3.1, and Netscape 8.1

Safari, Opera and Chrome

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Google Chrome Installation - No Fuss

Go to


Accept license by hitting Accept and Install button

You will be downloading the CromeSetup (474KB) file. Double click and in less than 3 screens you are finished installing.

When you double click ChromeSetup you start up a Google Chrome Installer which works really fast. When it is done you have the browser open on your desktop. Before it gets installed it seems to import stuff from IE.

It also makes an entry into the Add/Remove Programs window in the Control Panel.

The Google Chrome Welcome page shows up as shown here.

Hitting View all features shows more details of its features as shown here.

New tab, New Window can be opened from here.

Here you can access the tools,

One of the important menu items is Options. Here is what you see in the Options. Here I am setting up the Home page to open at my blog site:

A little 'Home' icon will be added to the toolbar with the chosen option.

It has a 'Minor Tweeks' tabbed page as shown,

What you see under the hood is quite a lot,

Close this out and open the Home page. Here it is in all its chrome glory.

IE installs are time consuming. Firefox is OK but too frequent upgrades. Well, Chrome on that score appears fast without a fuss.

Why didn't they call it Growser?

Substitute multi-process for multi-thread and you have the major feature of the "Chrome" browser -Google's App /Web Browser. Of course there is a Process Manager(can we ever do without them) who is like a circus ring master taming the processes. Each process has its own JavaScript and basically is part of a multi-tabbed web page. If something happens to one of the processes the other can go on. It just looks like the time when we moved from DOS to Windows.

The web page works with tabs and each tab owns its resources, close the tab and it is done. Open a new one you start from scratch. If one tab goes kaput the others are OK. However, if you are used to 'Smiley face', now get used the 'Sad tab'. As you browse you will create and destroy processes and the manager keeps his 'tab' on the processes. Chrome also seems to have a better task manager. To bring it into production Google Engineers have entered over drive (make more money by overtime, that helps). I am looking forward to take it for a test drive and it will probably happen today.

Adapted from the Chrome comic at:
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