Monday, August 11, 2008

Installing Visual Studio 2008 SP1

Initial conditions:
This is on a windows XP Professional with SP3 on which SQL Server 2008 RC0 and VS Studio 2008 Standard with SP1(Beta) installed.

Step 1:
Set up a restore point to revert

Step 2:
Get the following file from Microsoft web site for VS 2008


Run this file
For this you need original program disc for VS 2008 and you also need access to vs_shell.msi [This is from your previous installation of SQL Server 2008RC0]
Note: I also had a vs_shell.msi fromthe FebCTP

Step 3:
Get the VS 2008 SP1 from here,

File name: VS90sp1-KB945140-ENU.exe

File Size: 536 KB

Run this file
Step 4:
Inspect installation log file

Takes quite a while!!!
Have patience.

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earlier said...

Note: I also had a vs_shell.msi from the FebCTP
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